Cafes & Restaurants: 5 Places to Dine in & Takeaway in Coburg

From local favourites to hip newcomers, Coburg offers a diverse dining experience. Be it if you’re looking for the perfect nook to read in peace, meet and hang out with friends, or grab a quick lunch, this charming neighborhood offers many options for your taste bud!

13 Victoria Street COBURG VIC 3058

Voted for having the best falafel in Melbourne a few years ago, Half Moon Cafe still remains a favourite for its Egyptian-style dish. Come back for more as you try its six varieties of falafel and decide which one suits your mood for the day though you may first try its bestseller first– Colibaba (grilled cauliflower and eggplant, babaganouj, lettuce, falafel). And there are more options for your culinary adventure — Half Moon Cafe also offers banquet plates and meat kebabs alongside an Arabic coffee that would last you a day or two. Definitely one of the best cafes in Coburg.

426 Sydney Road COBURG VIC 3058

In the mood for Nepalese cuisine? Big Belly Restaurant sure gives a new meaning to the phrase “culinary peak”. With local Asian delights of grilled meals, rice and roti, Kathmandu, salads and desserts, there’s plenty to choose from.

Fill your belly with Kothey Fried Chicken Momo, Palak Paneer Curry, Aloo Ko Achar Pumpkin, and Spinach Rice Noodle for exciting flavours. The place can also accommodate big groups so invite your pals for a local trip to Nepal.

133 Bell Street COBURG VIC 3058

Wake up and smell the coffee of the Eastern Bloc Cafe. As expected from its name, this great find cafe in Coburg offers an Eastern European charm to your usual cafe menu. Get your cravings for big breakfast dishes (chilli cheese kransky and kaiserfleisch with must-try sausages, and other pastries) with robust and full flavoured cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for a nice nook, the Eastern Bloc gets bonus points for ambiance. Various bits and pieces (which are sourced directly from Russia and Poland) can entertain your roving eyes, making you daydream of European travels, as you lazily sip your creamy latte.

9&10/451 Sydney Road COBURG VIC 3058

Lauded as the best kebab shop in Melbourne, the little station never fails to deliver a quality dish. In spite of its limited seating, many still flock to this place for its bestseller — you got it, it’s kebab.

With the usual rotating skewered meat, Melbourne Kebab Station is known for serving consistent fresh and quality kebabs. Fulfill your Turkish food cravings with their freshly done bread, variety of dips, and salads. Indulge a bit with their Iskander for a delicious mix of juicy meat with yoghurt and tomato sauce.     

Whether you’re lucky to grab a seat or take your meal home, it tastes great wherever you eat it.

417 Sydney Road COBURG VIC 3058

Hot, fresh, and tasty — those are the three things that would describe Al Hana’s charcoal chicken! Visit them at their store along Sydney Road in Coburg, and see how their butterflied charcoal chicken and shish kebabs are cooked in an open style chargrill.

In addition to their bestseller, Al Hana also offers a variety of Middle Eastern dishes such as kafta, falafel and a variety of skewers.

In the mood for Chicken? Al Hana is the best place to be!

Just a 25 minute train ride from the city, Coburg has plenty to offer — and not just in a dining sense.  With over 260 businesses, The Coburg Shopping Precinct offers amazing finds and hosts exciting festivals and events. Want to check more of this neighborhood’s magical charm? Discover Coburg today!