Shopping in Coburg: Thrift Stores to Specialty Shops

Ready for some Christmas shopping? Or do you just enjoy strolling along malls and precincts where you can browse some stylish bargains? Fortunately, Sydney Road happens to have over 260 shops where you can find every little thing that you may need – and admire.

To spare your feet, we’ve compiled these shops for a  pleasurable visit (unless, of course, you’d love to explore on your own!). Visit these shops and enjoy shopping in Coburg!

Salvos Store

452 Sydney Road COBURG VIC 3058

Shops can be frustratingly overpriced (and mainstream to some), and the solution to this is going to thrift shops. Among the stores lining Sydney Road is the Salvos Store that has been known for great bargains and excellent finds. Apparel and other accessories that you might not find in other stores could likely be found here (it’s like finding a treasure!).

Toy 888

460 Sydney Road COBURG VIC 3058

Although Toy 888 is smaller compared to other discount shops in Coburg, you might be surprised to find a huge array of hardware and toys. And if you happen to drop by from time to time, you’ll find yourself walking out with a pile of things that just caught your eye while you were wandering around – like those cool hardback notebooks!

Sires Menswear

462-464 Sydney Road COBURG VIC 3058

Sires is just the place that understands what a man needs – and understands that sometimes you may be visiting out of necessity and not for the hobby! From casual to business, you can find your favourite jeans or a suit for that fancy event that you can’t say no to.

Home of Vasili’s Garden

21-25 Munro Street COBURG VIC 3058

For our nature lovers or those wanting to give a special gift to their green-thumbed friends, Vasili’s might be the place for you. The place gives off the ‘little community vibe” with friendly staff happy to discuss whatever gardening need you may have. And even if you’re not the gardening type, visiting the nursery and chilling in the café (do try the Greek menu!) is a refreshing shopping experience.

Coburg is one of those colourful neighborhoods that you’ll love to explore and definitely one of the best shopping spots in Melbourne. Restaurants, cafes and other businesses are all over the place to make your shopping experience more memorable. Discover Coburg today!