Clearway Sydney Road

There has been a recent proposal by some groups to remove all street car parking in Sydney Road between Coburg and Brunswick. The aim is to achieve the following:

  • Fewer deaths by cyclists through “doorings” where people opening car doors hit cyclists
  • A better ambience by giving more room to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Faster trams

The Coburg Traders Association has grave concerns about this approach to make Sydney Road more amenable.

  1. Removing car parking will not eliminate the possibility of fatal accidents. There will still be delivery trucks and other vehicles. Also, accidents can more easily occur due to cyclist getting stuck in rails or cars turning
  2. Experience with Beach Road and elsewhere shows what is likely to occur with a “free” run for cyclists: the road fills up with fast cyclists reaching very high speeds. They do this with impunity at considerable risks to other road users.
  3. Faster trams are good for commuters but again are not improving safety for other road users, pedestrian, cyclists and motorists alike.
  4. Cars will be banked up more behind trams with no possibility to overtake. As a result side roads of Sydney Road will see an increase in traffic. This is actually already occurring as the speed limit in the side streets is 50kph compared to 40kph for Sydney Road.

Apart from these more technical reasons not to jump the gun on this, there is a strong economic argument. Not all, but many businesses rely on short term parking for their survival. Taking away these car parks will make these businesses less sustainable. This could lead to further vacancies on Sydney road. This then leads to reduced employment and a poorer area and shopping experience for all of us.

Please note that this is not theoretical: abundant experience in other shopping centres underwrites this.

The Association is all in favour of creating a better experience for our customers. Therefore, we work together with Codesign to create a good outcome for all stakeholders.

Irrespective of what you consider to be the best way forward, we would like to invite you to fill out the short survey below. It asks about the shopping habits of our customers and will allow us to get a better understanding how we should move forward with this.

We really appreciate your support on this. The survey closes by June 16th and all participants will go into a draw to win a $500 travel voucher.

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