Coburg Traders Association

btn-agmMembers who have received an invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) can access the proposed Coburg Traders Association’s Constitution (Rules of Association) here – find your password included on your invitation.


Coburg Traders Association

The role of the Coburg Traders Association is to represent businesses to help promote the growth and development of the retail stores in the Coburg Shopping Precinct. The Committee of Management comprises of representatives from businesses within the Shopping Precinct who volunteer their time to discuss the marketing, promotions and activities to promote the Shopping Precinct; which is facilitated by a part-time coordinator.

The role of the Coburg Traders Association represents businesses in the Shopping Precinct on all matters ‘Retail’. Working together with businesses and Moreland Council, the CTA strives to make the Coburg Shopping Precinct a destination that offers a thriving shopping strip for the wider community and a diverse multicultural experience.

323 Sydney Road Coburg 3058
(Offices in Coburg RSL)
Postal Address: PO Box 32, Coburg 3058
Phone: (03) 9383 1488 Fax: (03) 9383 1433

Jason Sennitt
The Eastern Bloc
0404 952 2011

Vice President
Brett O’Riley
True North
9917 2262

Sam Pinto
Baggage Boutique
9355 7787

LeeAnne Berger
Pictures & Pages
9041 6398

Committee members
George Pangiotou
The Deli Coburg
9354 2056

Gerard Mandice
The Deli Coburg
9354 2056

Mel Daly
Anytime Fitness
9354 2330

Roger Smith
Statewide Sewing
9354 1936

Sharon Rigby
Pictures & Pages
9041 6398

Crystal Pinto
The Baggage Boutique
9355 7787

Norm Bourchier
CMT Accountants
9350 3444

Silvana Troiani
(03) 9383 1488 or
0417 313 423

Coburg Facts:

  • A Suburb in Moreland
  • 8km North of the CBD
  • Population of 24,977 (At the 2011 Census)
  • Celebrating diversity and multiculturalism
  • A unique shopping strip
  • Located East of the Coburg Railway Station, mainly on Sydney Road, North of Sheffield Street and South of Bell Street surrounds
  • Approximately 250 shops
  • Indoor Markets, Supermarkets, Shopping Arcades,
  • Discount Stores, Cafes, Professional Services,
  • Pharmacies, Banking, Post Office, Essential services, and a whole lot more!
  • Surrounded by ground level car parking
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