Vision Mission & Values

The vision for Central Coburg is that it develops as the prime shopping, living, employment and activity precinct in Moreland.

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Taking care of business & enriching our community


To become the largest, successful & diverse, single strip shopping and entertainment precinct in Australia


  • To generate and manage the collective marketing, promotion, advertising and business development activities on behalf of those businesses within the Coburg Shopping Precinct
  • To engage with the business owners, operators, and Coburg Traders Association members to represent their interests and work with them for the collective benefit of the Coburg Shopping Precinct
  • To develop positive relationships with our key stakeholders who impact and influence the role and function of Coburg Shopping Precinct
  • To engage in such other activities as may benefit the local community.


Persistence & Patience
Not all things will happen overnight. Understanding this and not giving up after the first try will allow us to achieve what we set out to do.

Community Mindedness
Community mindedness underlies our organization, building a better community and supporting the people who live and work here is a constant consideration.

Inspiring creativity and open minded thinking will lead us to new and better ways to do things. Having the conviction to sometimes take risks and learn from results is our way forward.

We are authentic, honest, ethical and fair in all our undertakings. We consistently uphold our values as standards to abide by