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Clearway Sydney Road

There has been a recent proposal by some groups to remove all street car parking in Sydney Road between Coburg and Brunswick. The aim is to achieve the following: Fewer deaths by cyclists through “doorings” where people opening car doors hit cyclists A better ambience by giving more room to pedestrians and cyclists Faster trams […]

ParkSpot App for Easier Car Park in Coburg

           ParkSpot is your go-to app for finding the perfect car park spot in Moreland area. Using Coburg Council’s existing parking sensors to highlight where there are vacant parking spaces for a specified time and locating disabled bays, you can now ease some of your worries as you shop, dine and discover […]

Discover Coburg with Brett

Coburg has a lot to offer in a community. Whether you’re a business owner or a localite; whether you’re here for its shopping culture, its much talked about food and café culture or just here to hangout.  Watch and you will agree there is something about this place.

Discover the Pastry Scene in Coburg

“Coburg is an area where whatever part of the world you’re from, you’re welcome here. Whatever type of religion you are [have] or where ever background you’ve come from; in Coburg, you’ve got everything here. Welcome!” Coburg’s vibrant community welcomes anyone here and makes anyone feel at home. It’s not just the pastries and great […]

Faces of Coburg – Sharing What They Love

Coburg has a lot of stories to tell, and they are best told by the people themselves. Here are a few Faces of Coburg, the shopkeepers and the locals, sharing what they love about this vibrant community.

Discover Coburg – Miscellaneous Shops Got You Covered

Taking a stroll around Coburg gives you a view of its colourful neighborhood and unique shopping experience. As much as you love shopping, the shopkeepers here also love interacting with everyone, sharing stories, and providing what you need. If you’re out for some errands, drop by Bell Optometrists’ new office, explore the various recycled second-hand […]

About the Shops and Shopkeepers in Coburg

The Coburg shopping precinct has a lot of business offering various services but have you ever wondered how long have they been there? Business like Sports Power, Costanzo, Statewide Sewing Centre and K Johnstone Jeweller are some of the oldest businesses there. A lot has changed over time but not the quality of the service […]

Discover Coburg Shops

  Coburg is home to over 260 business. We’ve got all your needs covered – visit Vasili’s when the gardening bug bites you, drop by Coburg Wine & Spirits for both local and rare fine drinks or go to Soul Man, experts in fixing stuff. Right from your favourite watch, shoes to any other things. […]

Shopping in Coburg – Discover Shops & Cafes

Coburg offers a unique shopping experience. With over 260 businesses in this colourful neighborhood, you can relax while at Coburg Coffee and Kitchen, discover cool streetwear at Northside, and be amazed at the latest technology offered by Farrage Curtains & Blinds — or visit any number of shops in Coburg that are sure to delight […]

Shopping in Coburg: Thrift Stores to Specialty Shops

Ready for some Christmas shopping? Or do you just enjoy strolling along malls and precincts where you can browse some stylish bargains? Fortunately, Sydney Road happens to have over 260 shops where you can find every little thing that you may need – and admire. To spare your feet, we’ve compiled these shops for a […]