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Discover Dining and Shopping in Coburg

Providing one of the best shopping and dining experience in Melbourne, you can grab a quick bite as you explore the different shopping and dining options in Coburg – fresh offerings from the Pie Place, and variety of food to munch on from The Deli Coburg, or a unique shop-and-dine experience at the Coburg Market. […]

Coburg Outings: Upcoming Events to Look Forward to

Art exhibitions, musical entertainments, good food, and more shopping stalls for unique items are coming to liven up the already vibrant streets of Coburg! If being a diverse and multicultural Shopping experience isn’t enough, here are just a few more reasons you need to Discover Coburg. MoreArt Public Art Show OCTOBER 23 @ 8:00 AM […]

Discover Restaurants & Cafes in Coburg

From the best falafel found in Half Moon Cafe, to an awesome shop-and-dine combo in Al Alamy, and the fresh seafood at Fish on Sydney, experience a unique multi-cultural community as you discover more of what Coburg has to offer.

Cafes & Restaurants: 5 Places to Dine in & Takeaway in Coburg

From local favourites to hip newcomers, Coburg offers a diverse dining experience. Be it if you’re looking for the perfect nook to read in peace, meet and hang out with friends, or grab a quick lunch, this charming neighborhood offers many options for your taste bud! Half Moon Cafe 13 Victoria Street COBURG VIC 3058 […]

The Colours of Coburg

You may have seen some colourful walls emerging around the area, but who is it getting their hands dirty, and what’s it all about? The Coburg Trader’s Association has partnered with some exciting emerging local artists to bring a dash of colour to some forgotten places.

Faces of Coburg

The Coburg Market turns 86 this August, and it’s without doubt the people, passions and diverse interests that keep this vibrant market’s character alive. We chat with Coburg Market’s Manager – Tony, to find out a little more about what makes he and the market tick.                   […]